Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quote of the Week: The Board

These are tricky days, friends.

This Quote of the Week comes from a board member at my work.  We were talking about the board members' role in the organization, and she said,

"We should be the Keepers of the Dream and the Lovers of the Vision"

She, in case you couldn't tell, is awesome.

We are going through some changes at work.  One of our beloved friends and colleagues is moving on to greener pastures (German Pastures, actually) and it means shifting things around post-haste.  I am blessed to work with wonderful people whom I love (really) and trust, and I know it will sort itself out, but I struggle with change.

Nope, let's rephrase that.

I HATE change.

It makes me feel like this.


This one has hit me a little differently.  More like this.

After school

I feel tired, and my brain is too full of thoughts, and I'm very busy taking care of my dinosaurs.  Thinking about the future is hard.  Making plans is hard.  You have to know what you want - to have a vision.  A dream.  I have lots of dreams, which include, but are not limited to:

Living with dolphins
Opening a bakery
Travelling the world
Winning a Tony
Winning the lottery
Becoming a ballerina
Meeting everyone, going everywhere, doing everything

You can see how it might be hard to focus.  There are a million things I ache to do, but if you want to accomplish anything, you have to make priorities.  I am (slowly) learning what my biggest and most important dreams are.  To be kind.  To inspire others to be kind.  To be a wife, friend, sister, daughter, and Auntie that is a Keeper of Dreams and Lover of Visions.  In putting this together, it has become so obvious that this is the unchanging dream and vision, regardless of circumstance.  Incredible security paired with crippling uncertainty.  It is painful and beautiful and painful again to 'give up' my ideas of what is most important and recognize what I have to offer this world is different than I imagined.  I am going to try and fail and then try some more to be that person.

But if that doesn't work out, then the dolphins.


  1. I love you! I think you will definitely 'live with dolphins' throughout your life in different ways...the Lord loves to bless us with our many facets of 'likes and dreams'. Indeed, I will use the Keeper of Dreams and Lover of Visions with peeps in my life that are charged with this as well. Thanks for speaking into my life with yours! :)

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