Tuesday, March 26, 2013

12 Food Confessions

  1. Some days (like today) you just need to eat doritos for dinner
  2. I don't understand someone being a 'salty' person or a 'sweet' person.  I am both persons.  DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE.
  3. I love the feeling of an empty stomach.  I have been addicted to those hunger pains.  The hardest meal for me to eat is the first of the day.  Often on days off it's well into the afternoon before I make myself eat.
  4. I hate avocados.  Like, really hate them.  I've tried them a bunch since the Avocado Onslaught of 2012 and I think they're disgusting.
  5. I am a food enabler - I encourage people to eat food that's bad for them, partly because I like people to enjoy themselves, and partly because it makes me feel better when other people eat badly.
  6. I think the best dessert in the world is the perfect chocolate mousse.
  7. Ice cream is the absolute worst thing to puke, but to this day it's still my favourite food. I literally have four kinds in my freezer right now.  I have, on many occasions, eaten a litre or more in one sitting.
  8. Raw vegans bug me.  It's just too far.  Cook your food.
  9. I love eating healthy food and how my body feels when I do.  But I also loooooove carbs.
  10. It confuses me when people just eat food to nourish their bodies and that's it.  I don't understand a simple relationship with food.
  11. I am a midnight baker.  It's so quiet and calm and it makes the house all warm.
  12. Baking equals love.  Accept my love.



    Okay not ACTUALLY the same, but I feel all of these things and bake all of these midnight cupcakes.

  2. I completely and totally relate to #10. It's very strange and sometimes I long for such a simple life.
    Thanks for your confessions!

  3. I relate to many of these. 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10 especially.

    But avocados are awesome. :)

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