Saturday, August 10, 2013


Get it?  Because it's a post about my anniversary but I feel weird being mushy.  So I put Shma at the beginning to make it insincere.  Like a 5-year-old.

Which, incidentally, is our marriage!  A 5-year-old, that is.

Photo Credit: Dan Fortin

So.  Our marriage.

We are impatient, snippy and rude
We are ungrateful and selfish
We apologize a lot
"I'm sorry I was impatient, snippy and rude today"
"I'm sorry I sang that song in that voice that you hate"
"I'm sorry I crossed my eyes at you"
"I'm sorry I poked your bruise"
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
We thank each other a lot
"Thanks for going for a walk with me"
"Thanks for picking up your socks off the floor today"
"Thanks for not getting mad when I ate your last piece of pizza"
"Thanks for feeding the dinos"
Our house is messy a lot
We eat at McDonalds more than we should
We watch tv more than we should
We go to the beach
We sing this song at each other
We kiss
We eat
We goof off
We cuddle
We talk
We drive and drive and drive
We play with nieces and nephews
We laugh
We fight
We run
We walk
We nap
We are very, very lucky.  I am very, very lucky.

                                          Happy Shmanniversary, babe.

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