Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Loser


Guys.  Want to hear something embarrassing?

I came in last place.  That triathlon I did on Sunday?  I literally came in last place.

There are reasons, which I'll cover, but take a minute to let that settle in.  My time wasn't originally on the website because there was a mix-up with my number, so I e-mailed the company, and they responded to tell me they figured it out.  Good news!  Your time is on the website now!  IN LAST.

At first I felt really embarrassed and foolish, and then I got over it.


Now that that's done with...

  • That was hard.  Like, really hard.  In order to psych myself up, I had convinced myself that it wouldn't be that hard.  It. was. hard.
  • I had an ear infection and I was recovering from a nasty flu.  The interesting combo of sickness, events and weather led to a phenomenon that I'm going to call 'snot foam'.  I'll let you use your imagination to flesh that out.
  • My friend Katie surprised me and came with her son.  Oh, and this sign:

  • Swimming is usually easy for me, but after my first lap I was so weak, I could barely breathe.  On the bright side, I could see and hear my niece and nephews and aunt and uncle and husband and brother and sister and friend cheering for me.
  • Oh, because my sister and brother and their kids and my aunt and uncle came out to watch.  With signs and donuts.  
  • During the downhill section of the cycling, I looked around and said, "What a beautiful day for a triathlon.  Woohoo!"
  • During the uphill section of the cycling, I yelled several times, "WHY AM I DOING THIS?"
  • This video...


         ...is the reason I accidentally rode an extra 4km in the cycling leg, contributing to             how very last I was.  My dear husband was chasing me with an iPad and I missed             the turn.  Oops.

  • On the last hill in the cycling, I was in first gear, crawling up and cursing, when a man in a gold triathlon suit (ie, tank top onesie) breezed passed me. Overall, I had really good will toward the other competitors, but in that moment, I wanted to murder him. 
  • The running leg was the best.  People seemed excited and smiley, so I started calling out, "Good work!  Way to go!"at the people running opposite me.  Then people started shouting it back.

The last few weeks have been really tough for a lot of reasons, and I haven't been coping well.  On Sunday, ten of my nearest and dearest showed up at UBC to support me, flu, ear infection and all. When I ran across the finish line, my family stood and cheered for me, and hugged me, and told me they were proud of me.  It was the first-est last place in the whole world.


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  1. I told you yesterday and I'll tell you again - much inspired by you and very proud. Way to go, Triathlete!