Thursday, May 1, 2014

Grown-Up Confessions

  • We did the Sun Run again on the weekend.  I'm not going to lie...Year 5 was the year it lost its magic for me, and instead of feeling camaraderie, everyone was just in my way.  I still love the Sun Run - it broke me into a whoooole new world.  But next year I know that it's either the triathlon or the 10k.  They're too close together to get motivated for both.  Here is a much nicer post about running.

  • On Monday, one of my nearest and dearest had a perfect baby boy and I rushed out of town to meet him.  I had the opportunity to watch my childhood (and high school and adult) friend transform into a mother before my eyes and it was an incredible privilege.

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  • I gave the blog a little makeover.  Steven was quite annoyed that I've learned how to do things like 'edit css' and 'use html' and he hasn't.  I will give you my tech secrets: Google It.

  • Remember this cake?  I went overboard...again.

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  • This morning it was Steven's day off, so I quietly got up to get ready for work. When I stepped out of the shower, he had gotten up to make me french toast. This has nothing to do with 'my husband is better than your husband' or 'my life is better than your life'- it's just one morning in a million mornings.  But here's my 'advice'.  When you think of something nice to do for your partner, or your friend, or your family, and then other stuff gets in the way; you're tired, or they don't really deserve it because they didn't put away their DAMN SOCKS FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, or I work hard all day and I don't have time for this,  go with the first instinct.  Go with the service instinct, and the undeserved kindness instinct.  Because when I got out of the shower and smelled french toast frying in coconut oil, I felt like our marriage could survive just about anything.  And you know I'll put away my socks tonight.

  • Over the last six months, I have been reminded over and over about death and grief and our short time on this earth.  It has been painful and heavy and beautiful, and a small part of me worries that I am being prepared for something.  Please know, my dear friends, that if you are grieving, I am grieving with you in my heart of hearts.  It is also giving me adult acne.  I hope that we aren't sharing in this, too.    

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