Monday, June 2, 2014


#YesAllWomen Because I look at old pictures of my anorexic self and I am jealous of her body
#YesAllWomen Because when I was the only woman on a management team, they had a male-only retreat
#YesAllWomen Because when I had my ass grabbed at a club in Disney World, I was flattered before I was disgusted
#YesAllWomen Because I never feel like a real woman unless I am thin
#YesAllWomen Because when I was 10 I dressed like a boy because I thought boys were better than girls
#YesAllWomen Because as a 14-year-old cashier, a man told me what he'd like to to do me when I got off work
#YesAllWomen Because my silly feminist youtube video garnered comments that women are contradictory, hypocritical and self-absorbed
#YesAllWomen Because as a 19-year-old lifeguard, a man came up behind me and massaged my shoulders because he said I looked 'tense'
#YesAllWomen Because the facilities manager calls my male boss to confirm every time I give him instructions
#YesAllWomen Because at a high school dance, a boy held me tightly while slow-dancing through a song while he begged me to date him and I repeatedly said no
#YesAllWomen Because I'm blond and I'm tired of the jokes
#YesAllWomen Because when I walked to work in LA, I was propositioned and catcalled because the only women who walked down the street alone were prostitutes
#YesAllWomen Because I walk to my car with my longest key clutched between my fingers
#YesAllWomen Because when I was in college and my mother found out I went to parties, she cried because she thought I'd be date raped
#YesAllWomen Because I have to measure my maternal instincts against my professional ambitions
#YesAllWomen Because people say, "Poor Man" to my father when they find out he has five daughters