Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The New Place Has Mirrors

We moved.  Or, more specifically, we bought a home.  Which, as I did not know before, is a full-time job, in addition to our actual full-time jobs.  So there's been a bit of radio silence around here.

Our new place has many things our old place didn't have - bathtubs (two of them!), cupboards, a linen closet, windows, stairs.

Our new place also has mirrors.  So.  Many.  Mirrors.  There are eight full-length mirrors in the bedroom, one for each closet door panel.  Eight more by the front door on the coat closet.  Aaaand another four in the upstairs bathroom in addition to the large counter mirror, which means you can watch yourself pee from every angle.  Plus your classic bathroom cupboard mirrors (we have bathroom cupboards!)

So these days, I see myself a lot.  If Steven leaves his closet door open, which he does, every morning, I see a full-length, naked, me step out of the shower bright and early. This is new.

The offending mirror (and open closet door)