About Me

Hi! My name is Shantini.

I'm an actor, singer, writer and rabble-rouser in Vancouver, BC. I'm also the Managing Director at the Vancouver Fringe Festival! It's great. Click it, I dare you.

I bake, I have an awesome husband, and thirteen fantastic nieces and nephews and I cheer for the Canucks. In December 2016 I had a baby so we're working on creating a good human one day at a time.

On the blog, we talk about baking and art and OCD and eating disorders, in no particular order. We also over-share cute kid pics and funny gifs. I believe that baking should be delicious down to the last crumb. And I talk about every last crumb, even the hard stuff, because I think that talking about things makes them easier. Come on in and let's get messy.

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