Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Bakery

I'd like to have a bakery one day.

Maybe a pie shop - you could come in and buy it by the slice and sit in little booths, a la the Pie Hole in Pushing Daisies.  There would be ice cream and whipped cream - lots of fruit pies, but also mud pie and chocolate silk and definitely lemon meringue.  And the Five Try Pie.  It's near impossible to buy a good pie these days.

Or maybe just a regular bakery with a cute name, maybe something French.  I would learn how to make croissants like they do at the Metropolitan Hotel.  There would be lots of chocolate mousse, and good cookies (not crazy ones, just good).  And nanaimo bars, because, seriously.  Joy's scones, obviously.  And perhaps I could steal the sausage roll recipe from Maple Leaf Bakery.  They are impossibly good.

People would like to come in to my bakery.  It would feel homey and welcoming, and you could have as much time as you needed to decide, because sometimes decisions are hard.  We would also not take ourselves too seriously, because really, it's just dessert.  But seriously enough that everything is perfectly delicious.  Every recipe is just right.  Every bite is the best bite.  Sometimes we make whatever we feel like that day.  Sometimes we're closed because we're on vacation.  We would have specials, and sometimes give things away for free to our favourite customers.

The desserts would not always look perfect, but people wouldn't care because they were soooooo good.  We would burn through so. much. butter.  I would always have flour in my hair.


  1. And I would so totally be on your loyalty program because that would definitely be a place I would visit often...and tell all my friends about...go for it! ;)

  2. this is a business plan that i can get behind.

  3. If I had the capital, I'd back this project today. And I'd probably buy the pies off of you whole. Thanks for the fantasy. Feel free to make it reality!

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